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Videography - [vid-ee-og-ruh-fee] 


          1. the art or process of making films with a video camera.

We produce legends!....Everything from a new product launch, building a new brand or rebuilding your business, to capturing weddings, birthday parties, anniversary's,  Presidential campaign speeches, charity events, and YES, music videos as well.


  • 4K & HD Cameras

  • Variety of Lenses

  • Gimbals/Stabilizers

  • Professional Microphones

  • Video Editing Software

  • Special Effects Software

  • Professional recording equipment for voice overs

  • Audio editing software

When you are ready to become a LEGEND, please contact us and let us know more about your project/event. As soon as we understand the details we will be able to give you our rates for what you are wanting us to provide.


The video above is a combination of photos and videos that were taken by Legend Productions and was selected to play at The Mayors Ball, which is the final event for the 2019 Dream Week Summit. The Video is also featured on the home page of the DreamWeek Website:

Recap/Promo video for the Texas Kidney Foundations Official Launch of Don't Kid With Your Kidneys campaign.

Promo Video for Hill Country Kart Club in New Braunfels, Texas. Kartober Fest is a weekend long race event that happens right around Halloween. 

Promo video for Bill Chalker's Tree Experts Located in San Antonio, Texas.

Promo video for KipWicks, a hand poured candle company based out of San Antonio, Texas. 

The opening track featured on Zeles' EP titled 'PPMP' -- Now Streaming on - @Zeles_Z

A customer of ours made a decision to get their first tattoo, so of course they asked us to document the whole thing. Big big thank you to One & Only Tattoo Co. for working with us.

Promo Video for Vault Auto Services.

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